Mountaineering in Mongolia
Climb on top of higher Mongolian summit
Altai, an almost mythical name, a big mountain range lost between the borders of China, Russia and Mongolia, a mountain which rises at its northern end, at 4 370m, to spread slowly into the Gobi desert.
Lost at the extreme western Mongolia, Altai range is located in Bayan Ulgii department, literally “rich land” with connotations rather protective.
Bayan Ulgii is the Kazakh fief, about 80% of the population is Kazakh origin, and some Mongolians and Tuvas live there also, in the valleys, even to the foot of the Altai Mountains, almost under the great lord, Mount Khuiten.
A region rich in culture, rich in beautiful landscapes that we suggest to discover and meet the Kazakh hunting with eagles, tuvas herders,and finally climb the slopes of Khuiten.
Beautiful alpine climb, with a much easier way option to train you, by climbing  without difficulty Narandal, a small peak at the heart of the 3 countries that offer breathtaking views of the Potanin glacier.
Crossing the Potanin despite its length is very interesting, this long glacier hides some traps by some dangerous cracks ....
Fedor as an experienced guide will lead you to the Khuiten summit.