Kayak in Mongolia
the blue pearl of Mongolia
Khusvgul, a huge lake of 135 km long and 35 wide, a small Wed
It is among the largest reservoirs of pure water on the planet, more than 200 rivers and streams are flowing into its blue waters.
The Blue Pearl of Mongolia, as it is nicknamed is located at the extreme north of the country, at the gates of Russia and the Siberian taiga.
We offer on this tour, to go up to north on lake east side, by car is about 90km from Khatgal,  before going down in 6 days along the  Coast by kayak, along creeks, cliffs, cove and sandy beaches that border this area full of ​​forests.
The eastern part of the lake is only forests, swamps, rivers and streams, a rich eco-system where lives  a large but shy wildlife. Nevertheless, you may be lucky enough to see signs on the beach or listening to the fallen night strange noises amplified by the silence of the place.
About 25km/day paddelingin kayak, camping in wild coves or nearby nomads family, peoples who mostly lives in this  area are Buryats.
A great way to discover Khuvsgul, its rich nature, nomadic culture, while paddling in company of an experienced guide.
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