Wind of Mongolia,
French/Mongolian agency established few years ago by Joel Rauzy.
Joel French, 48 years old, mountain guide from ... long time, since almost same a musher, who loves nature and wide open spaces, sports and adventure, he settled in the land of sky blue 8 years ago and began creating off road tours..
For 7 years, Joel and his team travel the lesser known areas of the country, opening new roads every year, refining their products and move some deep thematic trips not often proposed, with the help of professionals, specialized for each activity; thus born three distinct branches of Wind of Mongolia, with a website for each of them: ABSOLUT MONGOLIA for cultural issues, HEAVENLY MONGOLIA for more conventional circuits to discover the country and this site EXTREME MONGOLIA dedicated to sports journey and adventures.
EXTREME MONGOLIA offers adventure & sport tours invented by Joel after 25 years of experience in organization and guiding trips, reinforced by the organization of several climbing & mountaineering and dog sledding expeditions, some outsized adventures like climbing of the Ojos del Salado (Chile – 6 500m) by dog sledding or the Mont Blanc.
Joel also has to his credit great adventures in the mountains, beautiful getaway sled in Patagonia and Finland, he has visited by trekking or with dogs, some continents, alone, with friends or with clients before "to sit" in Mongolia to continue doing what it has always done ... what he likes.
In 2003, this passion to discover and offers to discover, borned Wind of Mongolia with the beginnings of dog sledding in Mongolia, opening this destination for lovers of winter strikes, and then came the treks, and climbing 4 years ago with equipment to several locations. 2 years ago, he returned to his first love, the mountains, not to mention high mountains. Recently, Joel opened the kayak tour with his friend Herve, and  finalizes a circuit for mountain bike.
EXTREME MONGOLIA has formed a technical team made up of real experts & professionals, ready to launch new challenges, opening new routes, and new destinations in the vast Mongolian where anything is possible in the field of sports, adventure or multi-activities tourism. Gorgeous landscapes, immensity, diversity, culture .......