Guides • Dog sledding in Mongolia
Joël, is a musher for over 20 years, professional French graduate.
He has been among the first musher to practice in France, before discovering the Mongolian steppes.
Fascinated by the dog sledding, nature lovers, he would quickly fall in love with Mongolia, winter is for him the most beautiful season in the land of blue sky.
Her companion Bayana, also succumbed to the charms of winter and she has managed for 4 years with Joel all dog sledding. On trips, each one its own parts: dogs, equipment, guidance is  for Joel - eating, meeting, discovering Mongolian culture is for Bayana.
A team... almost perfect... Associated with a gang of cute Alaskans dogs, to make you discovering Mongolia in winter, to enjoy every moment of your adventure by dog sledding.
Guides • Escalade / Alpinism in Mongolia
Khuyaga, 35 and Tsogerel, 27 years old, Together members of the Mongolian Special Rescue Unit.
With good experience in all kinds of assistance for over 15 years to Khuyaga, who is one of the pioneers of climbing in Mongolia.
He starts by equipping with Joel 3 sites in Mongolia 4 years ago, discovering a different approach, another way of handling ropes and descend or climb cliffs and rocks.
Seduced by this practice, he progresses quickly and his technique and power make him an excellent climber, his backup training as amember of the rescue unit already gave to him the security concepts.
Tsodgerel, long term friend with Khuyaga, he also fell in love with climbing, younger, more flexible, he quickly becomes a climber with fluid and insured movements. These two guys are at the origin of the special mountain and climbing unit  of Mongolia.
Since last year, they continues their training on the slopes of the Altai Montains : In October 2009, they opened with Joel's a great way in the Northwestern face of Khuiten sumit in Altai mountain;  great run in mountaineering and probable a premiere.
They are all part of the team of Windof ' climbers with Fedor.
Guide • Kayak in Mongolia
Miguel Morales, 34 years old, kayak instructor for the Spanish National Federation of kayaking, he is also qualified guide of the Castilla la Mancha Federation of Sea Kayak - Spain.
He took a long experience of kayaking in Spain, before going into coaching. He forged his professionalism in Greenland for 4 seasons, more recently it will start in sea kayaking tours in Vietnam, to come from this year to join the team Windof '.
Guide • Alpinism in Mongolia
Fedor Broekhoven, 36 years old, is from Nederland and mountain guide graduate on NKBV (German Federation of Mountaineering). After a short stay in Mongolia, he decided to move here and join his partner.
Excellent alpinist, he ran a lot of Alpine peaks with the German federation before joining the Windof ' technical team.
With Joel, they are involved in technical training of the Mongolian special rescue unit, including the creation of the mountain and climbing unit.